Goldreed Industrial Design Award 2020

Gida 2020-goldreed Industrial Design Award-is The New International Design Award Sponsored by The Xiongan Future Industrial Design Institute, With The Aim of Promoting At International Level The Concept of “harmony” Applied to Design.gida 2020-g

Gida 2020 - goldreed industrial design award - is the new international design award sponsored by the xiongan future industrial design institute, with the aim of promoting at international level the concept of “harmony” applied to design.Gida 202 <Cropped>

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Warm Up to Cool Down

Design Your Thoughts About Climate Change to Win a Wacom Intuos Pro Creative Pen Tablet; Exposure On Creative Boom; and See Your Work Printed Onto Ape Limited Edition Water Bottles to Aid Organizations Fighting Against Global Warming.ape Is a Biannual Des

Design your thoughts about climate change to win a wacom intuos pro creative pen tablet; exposure on creative boom; and see your work printed onto ape limited edition water bottles to aid organizations fighting against global warming.Ape is a biannua <Cropped>

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Dining Table:hangar by Amos Goh

Amos Goh Reveals The Hangar Dining Table

Amos Goh, the architect of the award winning project Award Winning Hangar Dining Table says, Inspired by an exploration of old military hangar during the designer's service time as a soldier. Charmed by the utilitarian space that had sturdy pill <Cropped>

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Award Winning Dissonanz Ss18 Contemporary Fashion

Alice Jane Presents The Dissonanz Ss18 Contemporary Fashion

Alice Jane, the project leader of the highlighted design Dissonanz SS18 by Alice Jane explicates, Dissonanz SS18 dissonanz / disharmony (noun): a German word used in music 1. it means unresolved musical interval, crashing tone 2. this collection is a <Cropped>

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Desk Lamp by Ali Alavi

Ali Alavi Demonstrates The Aida Desk Lamp

Ali Alavi, the designer of the highlighted project desk lamp:Aida by Ali Alavi explicates, Personally , I draw inspiration from animals in nature and in most of my designs I prefer to deploy natural forms rather than using geometric forms. Desk lam <Cropped>

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Package Identity by Michal Sicinski-Studio Punkt Widzenia

Michal Sicinski-Studio Punkt Widzenia Reveals The Cafes Guilis Package Identity

Michal Sicinski - Studio Punkt Widzenia, the lead designer of the award winning design Package identity by Michal Sicinski - Studio Punkt Widzenia demonstrates, Series of coffee packages from different regions of the world. The aim was to create a <Cropped>

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Home: Design Your Dream

The Aim of The Competition Is to Manifest Into Reality The Idea of Your Dreams, and Create a House Based On It. The Competition Aims to Create a Pure and Highly Imaginative Expression of a Home That Will Have a Degree of Surrealism to It.‘’home Is Whe

The aim of the competition is to manifest into reality the idea of your dreams, and create a house based on it. the competition aims to create a pure and highly imaginative expression of a home that will have a degree of surrealism to it.‘’home i <Cropped>

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Residential Unit:village House At Clear Water Bay Garden by Plot Architecture Office

Plot Architecture Office Discloses The Village House At Clear Water Bay Garden Residential Unit

Plot Architecture Office, the thinktank behind the award winning work Village House at Clear Water Bay Garden - Residential Unit by Plot Architecture Office illustrates, Deep in the suburb of Hong Kong, a 700' ground floor unit of a local vill <Cropped>

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Lastlight-Ocean Calls For Help by Roberta Borges

Roberta Borges Shares The Lastlight-Ocean Calls For Help Fine Art Photography

Roberta Borges, the project leader of the highlighted work Lastlight - Ocean Calls For Help - Fine Art Photography by Roberta Borges explains, This is an artistic project that explores the importance of ecological and environmental preservation matte <Cropped>

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Pinkah-Show All Kinds of Glass Products by Yong Ming He-Daosheng

Yong Ming He-Daosheng Creates The Pinkah Show All Kinds of Glass Products

Yong Ming He - DaoSheng , the author of the awarded project Pinkah by Yong Ming He - DaoSheng illustrates, The whole hall was inspired by the designer of the nature of life experience and gratitude, uneven texture, and color change layers of walls, w <Cropped>

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