Minimal Sash Lock by Butz + Klug Architecture

Butz + Klug Architecture Spotlights The Minimal Sash Lock Window Hardware

BUTZ + KLUG Architecture, the creative mind behind the award winning design Minimal Sash Lock by BUTZ + KLUG Architecture says, This sash lock was designed as part of a larger assembly of custom-designed double and triple hung windows. As the contemporary double hung window increases in energy efficiency, its proportions become thinner, yet deeper; its operation smoother and more precise. The design of this Sash Lock takes advantage of these advances and is based on simplicity in operation (one hand), installation (one screw per component) and manufacture (the process of digital 'printing' in Stainless Steel, a process that is efficient when using a minimum of material). .

Minimal Sash Lock by Butz + Klug Architecture Images:


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