Arundhati Sathe's Depiction Reception Stage

Arundhati Sathe Discloses The Depiction Reception Stage

Arundhati Sathe, the maker of the award winning design Depiction by Arundhati Sathe explains, The set is designed for a wedding reception. The whole concept revolves around the roman architecture. Grand avenue welcome the guest on Soft white fur carpet. The gate, the roman pillars, Statue, round tiara style seating and the huge "Fontana-di-trevi"stage, all these elements are appreciated. Sound of flowing water creates a soothing music in the background while greeting the newly married. Not the single person from the team have ever heard or seen the actual structure and still get the 100% depiction of the original structure, which is creditable to make every thing in merely 20 days..

Arundhati Sathe's Depiction Reception Stage Images:


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